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European Open Source Consortium

The largest consortium of corporations for open source services and products in Europe.

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Consolidated revenue with corporations & institutions in Europe


Professionals and experts located around Europe

Both European and local (Germany, Nordics, French speaking countries, Switzerland, Poland…)

Industrial level open source expertise with deep understanding of local requirements

Who we are

What is the EOS consortium?

A powerful consortium delivering sovereignty, independence and sustainability in IT & Digital with open source in Europe.

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What EOS consortium Provides?

Digital Experience

Reshapes how we interact daily.

Data/AI Tooling & Services

Empowers businesses to make informed decisions.

Custom Development

To tailor solutions to meet unique business needs and goals.

IT for IT Solutions

To provide comprehensive technology support for organizational infrastructure.

Digital Workspace

Fosters collaboration, productivity and flexibility in modern work environments.

Sovereign Cloud Services

Ensures data security and regulatory compliance.

GDPR Compliance

Safeguards personal data, ensuring privacy rights and regulatory adherence.

Open Source Commitments

To drive collaborative innovation & development


High-impact services to take your organization to the next level

EOS consortium is shaping a resilient, open and collaborative digital landscape to ensure Europe's leadership in global innovation. Together, best-in-class companies build Europe's digital future, shaping a continent where organizations achieve digital sovereignty, break free from proprietary technology dependencies, foster innovation, and strengthen local economies.

EOS consortium Vision Statement

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