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Leading european Open Source providers announce consortium to fuel digital innovation.

June 11, 2024 – Today, the European Open Source Consortium (EOS Consortium) was unveiled, offering large-scale organizations a unique opportunity to harness the power of open source in their digital transformation. As the largest European open source federation comprised solely of corporations, the consortium is a strategic alliance that champions sovereignty, independence, and sustainability in IT & digital through open source. Jointly, the consortium is addressing the need for an enterprise-grade pan-European digitalization partner and service provider specializing in open source and open standards targeting enterprises, government, and public administrations.

EOS Consortium comprises leading European corporate open source specialists’ consultancies and product vendors, including Nordic Redpill Linpro, Smile from France, Univention from Germany, Adfinis from Switzerland and Dutch Lunatech.

Combined, the organizations have operations in 15+ European countries and a total of more than 3000 digitalization specialists across the region, focusing on consulting, development, optimization, and operating large-scale open source projects.

We are excited to announce the launch of the European Open Source Consortium. Together, we are committed to empowering enterprises and large public sector organizations to shape their digital future on open standards, bolstered by local expertise across the region.

Fredrik Svensson, chief business development officer at Redpill Linpro, a founding member of the EOS Consortium.

The interest in building digital innovation on open source is growing, and several market drivers favour the development:


Two cornerstones are the focus on creating a more robust digital Europe and increasing the region's sovereignty in tech, considering the increased regulations of the tech giants.

Organizations need to address the need for a secure and trusted base for digital innovation that doesn't put personal or corporate information at risk.

With extensive public spending on digitalization, open source-based solutions allow for better reuse and integration of existing resources and avoid lock-in effects and increased licensing costs.

Through a framework agreement with one of the consortium members, customers can easily access the complete set of competencies provided by all consortium members.

With the European Open Source Consortium, we are removing one of the most common objections to build and support large enterprise implementation projects on open source - that there are no enterprise-grade European open source partners.

Peter Gaten - Univention CEO.

Following today’s launch, EOS Consortium is setto grow, and digitalization consultancies working with open source and open standards should reach out to the consortium. Furthermore, EOS Consortium will work alongside other European organizations, for example the German Open Source Business Alliance, Open Source Sweden, French CNLL and APPEL, the European umbrella organization of open source industry associations.


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